About Us


EMCOM was founded in 1981 and was originally trading as East Midlands Computers, or EMC. We started out selling computers and business systems, at a time when there wasn’t much around in the way of technology, unlike today. Over the years we specialised in Windows systems and extended our customer base throughout the UK, focusing on building complete software solutions and business management software to various business sectors around the UK.


Our customer portfolio is vast, ranging from independent funeral directors to large corporate funeral businesses. As well as the funeral industry we also have a wide range of other clients such as retailers, unions and charity organisations.


Created more than thirty years ago, EMCOM Software has fulfilled a need for top-quality software, in the funeral industry and elsewhere. We strive to provide our customers with up-to-date products, utilising new technology and multiple platforms.


We believe in supporting our customers through every stage of the development process, from initial consultation right through to end user application support years after the initial deployment. We offer consolidation and integration services, so as their needs change we move with them.


A versatile, dynamic and agile team, we are expanding our horizons with exciting new products on mobile, tablet, desktop and web interfaces coming soon! At EMCOM, we are always reaching for perfection, coming out with new and improved ways to empower our customers. We are currently branching out into new industries like retail, charity, unions, and local government.



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